Fascia Detox release

Fascia Detox Training: 

Welcome to this rejuvenating fascia detox training course.

What is fascia? Fascia is your web net suit underneath your skin, your connective tissue which houses our muscles and organs.


Due to our modern lifestyles our fascia is constantly dehydrated, losing its structure and not serving its purpose well.


This course will cover different principles for a healthy fascia, like release, stretching, bouncing and refining.

The purpose of the course is to build more collagen, add more elasticity to your fascia by hydrating those dry areas, release trauma, specially in joints where it is stored, therefore pain.


The main goal is for you to move with more elegance effortlessly. We will use some props like foam rollers, weights and balls.


Get ready to move like a monkey and have lots of fun in this course.

Telma & prps

Om du ønsker å delta på kurset kan du ogå benytte deg av klippekort.

Du kan delta på live stream og da må du ha utstyr hjemme, som små baller, rull og bånd



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