Connect to body and mind

Hi. I am Nelly
I’m an energetic, passionate young woman in love with fitness, pole dance and PILATES.

Pilates for me it’s not just a training form, but a trening method that connects me mentally with my whole body. Pilates for me is alignment and accomplishment. It’s a constant discovery of what your body is capable of doing when it’s connected with your mind.

I’m a certified personal trainer (Academy of personal trainers Oslo) and an educated in nutrition consultant. I’m also Pole fitness and dance certified. Over three years I have been leading classes as a Zumba, spinning and TRX instructor.

I’m a professional pole dancer and athlete with competitions and performances across Europe. I have also participated in two bikini fitness competitions

With my teaching style I hope to awaken shining confidence in each of my students as they learn, play and build strength from within.

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Physical fitness is the first requisite to happiness

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