Christine Løvli is a Norwegian Pilates instructor, BB Faculty member, and the owner of a fully equipped studio, Pilatespilotene, located in Oslo, Norway.

Christine was certified in classical Pilates in 2005 at Skandinavisk Pilates Institutt, and joined Balanced Body and Faculty training in 2006/2007. She is also certified within other areas of functional fitness, Deep Yoga Practise and pre-medicine.

She is continuously seeking knowledge about the body, and movement in relationship with Pilates. Christine has had the honour of working out, and participating in workshops with internationally- recognized teachers as Jay Grimes, Michael Fritzke, Ton Voogt, Mari Windsor, Hanne Koren Bignell, Eric Franklin, Kathryn Ross Nash, Nora St. John and many others affiliated with Balanced Body.

In her studio she is blessed with a variety of clients, from adolescents to seniors, some with complex injuries and those with different personal goals, including instructors refining their knowledge.  

«Every day i am amazed by the body’s ability to become strong, flexible and balanced with Pilates»

“For my everyday life I want to be strong like a boxer, agile like a panther, with a long lasting health, and I know PILATES is going to help me get there!”


Classical trained Pilates instructor, Johanna Marthinsson says about Christine:

“Christine is an inspiring and passionate Pilates instructor, who gives her full dedication to every single class she teaches. Through her extensive training she has a deep understanding of the Pilates method, as well as the physics of the body. She has a great eye for detail, and this combined with her enthusiasm and love for working out, she will make you work hard and go that extra mile (or stretch that little extra, or work just a little deeper). She is widely experienced in working with various types of clients, from professional dancers to the seriously injured, from teenagers to seniors. She is great at making her clients feel their best and leave the studio with their body feeling better and with a smile on their face.“


BASI trained Pilates instructor, Carla Dressler, says about Christine:

“Christine is an excellent teacher. Her enthusiasm is contagious and her attention to detail has helped me understand Pilates on a much deeper level. I especially love how she can break down the exercise for a struggling client, helping find the correct muscle recruitment, and leaving them with feelings of success and accomplishment.”

Del denne siden med andre!

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